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Endangered Species Day: Celebrating Colorado's "Missing Lynx" and More

May 17, 2007

Friday is "Endangered Species Day," a day to celebrate success stories like the bald eagle, which has gone from a population of less than 500 pairs in the late 1960s to almost 10,000 today.
The Endangered Species Act was first signed into law by President Nixon in 1973, and Brian Hires with the Center for Native Ecosystems in Denver says the effect of the program has been demonstrated in Colorado.

"One of the most high-profile success stories is of the Canada Lynx, which was reintroduced in 1999 in a number of areas and has done really well."

Lynx were reintroduced into Colorado in 1999, and they've recently begun to breed in the wild. But Corry Westbrook with the National Wildlife Federation says more funding is needed to protect other species.
Her organization is pushing for a 15 percent increase to next year's endangered species budget.

"That's equivalent to one cup of coffee per American per year, so it's a very modest request, and that would help a lot with getting more species on the road to recovery."

Vital funding for the program has been cut in recent years. Critics say the law can be harmful to local economies and impedes on property rights.

Westbrook believes the timing is right in Washington.

"What has happened since November, since the elections, is that we've kind of got the opportunity to go on the offensive and improve and strengthen the Endangered Species Act."

Eric Mack/Chris Thomas, Public News Service - CO