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Virginia declares a state of emergency ahead of a pro-gun rally as the nation pauses to celebrate MLK Day.

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The New York Times endorsed Senators Elizabeth Warren of MA and Amy Klobuchar of MN. Plus, on the eve of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, candidates spoke at a forum about protecting democracy, "a decade after Citizens United."

New Advance Against One of South Dakota's top Killers

May 25, 2007

Heart disease and stroke account for more than one-third of all deaths in South Dakota, but a new development promises to save some of those lives. The American Heart Association is using the observance of National Stroke Awareness Month in May to promote new treatment guidelines for stroke.

Denise Boraas is a nurse practitioner with Neurology Associates in Sioux Falls.

"There are some new drugs on the horizon that are looking promising. While they are not being used yet for treating hemorrhagic stroke, it looks as though they're good for slowing the bleeding that occurs, hopefully diminishing the amount of damage."

Boraas says the new treatment guidelines were also updated for ischemic strokes, better known as TIAs, or "mini" strokes.

The guidelines illustrate very specifically how to treat, aggressively, hypertension, blood sugars and cholesterol as well as encourage people to stop smoking, exercise and eat a healthy diet.

"The new guidelines are good news because strokes kill so many people each year and are also the leading cause of severe, long-term disability."

The American Heart Association provides this list of the five cardinal warning signs for stroke: sudden numbness, tingling or weakness in the face, arm or leg, usually on one side of the body; sudden difficulty speaking or understanding speech; sudden difficulty seeing out of one or both eyes; sudden difficulty controlling balance; and sudden severe, unexplainable headache.

For more information on stroke prevention and treatment call 1-888-4STROKE or visit

David Law/Eric Mack, Public News Service - SD