PNS Daily News - July 15, 2020 

The Trump Administration reverses course on international student rule; the ultra-rich keep getting richer; and rental costs are burdens for low-wage workers.

2020Talks - July 15, 2020 

Biden follows up on a climate policy plan from his task force, made up of his and Sen. Bernie Sanders' supporters. Alabama, Maine and Texas had elections; new data from California's March presidential primary show 1.5% of returned absentee ballots rejected.

ID Working Families Want a Piece of American "Budget Pie"

June 13, 2007

Lewiston, ID - Working families in Idaho are asking for an adjustment in how the American "budget pie" is divided. A resolution has been approved at the Idaho State AFL-CIO convention this week that notes too many working Idahoans need health insurance, more education, and more food for their families. It calls on Congress to help fix these problems as it considers investing more in families. However, many of these programs are part of a budget President Bush has threatened to veto because it's bigger than he proposed. Dave Whaley with the Idaho State AFL-CIO says it's time for the nation to focus on working families.

"They've been helping the millionaires out, but they need to help the working people. And this resolution is asking to do the right thing and support working people in the state of Idaho."

Idaho Governor Butch Otter's plan to cut "Head Start" and other children's programs due to decreased federal funding,- met with such stiff resistance that he's rethinking the plan. Whaley calls that a good example of how the federal budget affects everyday people in Idaho.

"When the federal government cuts, and the states start cutting, then we've got some real problems in our communities. I mean, people are just left out in the cold, and that's not how we treat our citizens of this great country."

The conference continues today at the Red Lion hotel in Lewiston. The resolution text can be accessed online, at

Deborah Smith/Eric Mack, Public News Service - ID