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On Father's Day, It's Hard Out Here For a Dad

June 15, 2007

KEENE, NH - The best Father's Day gift could be a little kindness and understanding. Experts say the role of the dad is changing, forcing men to learn new fathering skills and adjust to their new place in society.

Psychotherapist Forrest Seymour with the National Association of Social Workers, New Hampshire Chapter says the role of men in our culture is changing, and that can make dad's job more difficult.

“Fathers deserve a lot of support and sympathy in some ways because it is painful to change, and fathers are being asked to change a lot.”

Seymour co-directs the Monadnock Men's Resource Center. His program and others across the state can help men learn fathering skills and adjust to dad's changing role.

He notes that some of these changes can be positive, with fathers taking a more active role in bringing up their children. But, even good changes can take time and effort.

“Men's roles in our society are in such transition. We have to expand our sense of masculinity, which I think we are doing sometimes kicking and screaming. But I think it's happening, and I think it's a great thing.”

John Robinson/Eric Mack, Public News Service - NH