PNS Daily Newscast - May 27, 2020 

Four Minneapolis police officers fired following the death of a black man; and a federal lawsuit claims New Yorkers with disabilities excluded from expanded absentee ballot plan.

2020Talks - May 27, 2020 

Republican governors in Georgia and Florida offer their states as alternatives to North Carolina, after President Trump expresses impatience about talks of a more limited Republican National Convention because of the pandemic.

LA Volunteers Dive Into the Mississippi Mud...and Mold...and Mildew

June 22, 2007

Los Angeles, CA - Tearing out drywall and floorboards, replacing insulation and scrubbing away mold and mildew. It's a job being tackled in the Katrina hurricane zone by thousands of volunteers. Eight L.A. Conservation Corps members are being honored today for spending a month repairing homes in Mississippi. One recovery project director says the area is a "third-world country," and Gulf Coast Katrina Recovery Team member Anthony Claustro agrees.

“You figure that a year-and-a-half later you would at least see some type of foundations already built, and it's just still not there.”

Claustro notes the slow pace of rebuilding wouldn't be acceptable in L.A.

He also sensed a feeling of hopelessness among those still fighting for insurance company payments or those waiting for more businesses to invest in the economy. The personal stories brought him to tears more than once, and the work was physically and emotionally draining, but he's happy he went.

“They were very appreciative. They were very thankful for us being there, especially them knowing that we were from Los Angeles was a big shock to them.”

Deborah Smith/Jamie Folsom, Public News Service - CA