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No military strikes, but President Trump sticks to tough talk against Iran. Also on our Monday rundown: Staying in jail may depend on where you live. Plus, summer is here – will national parks be ready?

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Key Funding for OH Kids in Home Stretch

June 25, 2007

Children's advocates say Ohio kids have a lot to smile about in the state budget, and with one last hurdle to clear this week, they're hoping for continued bipartisan support for things like child care, after school programs, and early child education. The budget includes a $20 million boost for after school and summer programs, something to look forward to for next summer. Liz Nusken with the Ohio After School Network says that's an important investment, because kids in after school programs are less likely to commit crimes or be victims of crime, and they do better in school.

“Research has shown that children and youth who are in after school and summer programs have increased rates of homework completion, attendance, and even graduation.”

Nusken adds that there's lots of demand for after school programs, and currently 250,000 Ohio children are going without.

Katie Kelly with Groundwork Ohio says there's been a major bipartisan effort to improve early child education in this budget, and as things stand, thousands more Ohio families would have access to public child care and pre-school, as well as behavioral help for kids with special needs.

“Investment during the first six years of life has a strong impact on children's development and readiness for school, and also their success later in life.”

The budget is in a conference committee this week.

Rob Ferrett/Chris Thomas, Public News Service - OH