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The latest Trump child-detention policy sparks harsh criticism. Also on the Thursday rundown: New York sues the EPA over Hudson River PCBs.

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Troopers Urge Safe, Smart and Sober Driving During This Deadly Week

July 3, 2007

Do what you can to be sure the only crashes and bangs you hear this week come from fireworks. That's the message from the Colorado State Troopers, who are urging extra caution to anyone who gets behind the wheel during this holiday week. Nationally, the Fourth of July is the deadliest holiday period to be on the roads because of drunk drivers. Colorado State Trooper Ryan Sullivan says it's a problem in the Centennial State, too.

“You will see a larger police presence over the weekend, just trying to cut back on injury and fatal crashes. Last year in Colorado alone, there were eight alcohol-related crashes and those are eight fatalities.”

He reports that in 2005, 280 people were killed in alcohol-related crashes nationwide during the first week of July. Sullivan adds that in Colorado, crashes happen in all parts of the state, including highways and county and city roads.

“We see crashes all over the state of Colorado. We see them on county roads to state highways. That's why we're out there.”

Sullivan advises that whether you're drinking or not, staying safe is all about common sense.

“Lot of people this weekend are gonna be out there drinking; just stay responsible, make the correct decision, be sure to buckle up and just get a designated driver.”

Eric Mack, Public News Service - CO