PNS Daily Newscast - May 25, 2020 

Updates on Memorial Day 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic; and tomorrow is a deadline for some voters.

2020Talks - May 25, 2020 

Overseas service members and people with physical disabilities will be able to vote online this year in West Virginia, Delaware and New Jersey. Election security experts have some concerns.

Who's Protecting New Hampshire's Bridges?

August 6, 2007

New Hampshire's bridge design office has been extra busy in the wake of last week's highway collapse in Minnesota. Inspectors have been double-checking several local spans, and bridge design administrator Mark Richardson has fielded a flood of phone calls from worried drivers. His response is that New Hampshire state employees are inspecting bridges every day -- 13 percent of the bridges getting checkups every six or 12 months, and the rest at least every two years.

"The bridge design office has three teams of bridge inspectors, and those six individuals are inspecting all the bridges, state and municipal, every working day."

Although some spans get extra attention, Richardson notes that all New Hampshire bridges are currently considered safe, providing posted load limits and current regulations are observed.

Richardson adds that when repairs are required, they're done by group of state workers with specialized skills and training.

"Well, there is quite a bit to it. There is quite a wide variety that they need to be able to master to be able to perform those repairs adequately."

John Robinson/Chris Thomas, Public News Service - NH