PNS Daily Newscast - March 27, 2020 

The U.S. now has more confirmed coronavirus cases than any other country. Despite the pandemic, Election 2020 continues and states are making changes.

2020Talks - March 27, 2020 

3.3 million people reported being jobless last week, according to new Labor Department numbers. And Puerto Rico was supposed to hold primaries this weekend, though they pushed it back to late April, because of COVID-19.

A New Look at Full “Faith” and Credit in VA

August 23, 2007

Richmond, VA - Virginia is taking a new look at the term "full faith and credit" -- with the emphasis on faith. The state's religious leaders are kicking off a campaign to cap payday loan interest rates at 36 percent. Reverend Doug Smith, of the Interfaith Center for Public Policy, says the payday loan industry should abide by the same interest-rate rules as other types of loans, which are capped at 36 percent.

"The industry currently is charging interest rates of over 390 percent APR, and if people really realized that, I think they would be appalled."

Smith says the faith community has decided to step into the debate as part of a moral responsibility: to keep low- income families from being trapped in poverty…

"It's very clearly laid out in Scripture that we should care for those in need. These folks are clearly in need -– and 390 percent APR is immoral."

The new campaign includes a Website,

The payday loan industry is against capping rates, claiming that it won't allow them to make a profit. On a national level, Congress is considering proposals that would cap rates for such loans at 24 percent.

Deborah Smith/John Robinson, Public News Service - VA