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PNS Daily Newscast - November 25, 2020 

Feeding hungry families, on Thanksgiving and beyond; and is that turkey really from a family farm? (Note to Broadcasters: The newscast has been granted a holiday for Thanksgiving, but we'll return first thing Friday.)

2020Talks - November 25, 2020 

Biden nominees speak; how can social media spread less misinformation and be less polarizing.

Some Help With Affordable Housing--Registry For Accessible Housing

September 4, 2007

New York, NY - It's difficult enough finding affordable housing in New York, and harder still when looking for a home that is wheelchair accessible. But New York is now requiring developers of affordable housing to list all accessible housing units in an online registry.

There are currently 4,000 developments listed online at". The site is maintained by the Center for Independence of the Disabled of New York.

Commissioner Deborah VanAmerongen of the Division of Housing and Community Renewal says her office is being stricter concerning waivers for landlords who claim they are unable to find a disabled person to rent their accessible housing unit. She believes the registry should help publicize availability of accessible apartments.

"The registry is meant to help parties on both sides of the equation. Owners, managers, and developers will benefit as well as persons with disabilities and the groups serving them.”

Mel Tanzman of the group Westchester Disabled On the Move says because most people with disabilities live on fixed incomes, the registry can only help so much in places like Westchester where rents are sky-high.

"It's a mind-boggling challenge to get people both the affordability and the accessibility they need. While the registry doesn't indicate affordability, it does provide information about accessibility, and we'll be able to find appropriate places more quickly."

Michael Clifford/John Robinson, Public News Service - NY