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West Virginians Getting “Wild” for Public Lands

September 28, 2007

Charleston, WV – West Virginians from across the state are heading to the great outdoors tomorrow (SATURDAY) to celebrate National Public Lands Day, by cleaning up and improving the state's public lands, parks and wilderness areas. Comments from Matt Keller and Dave Saville, both with the West Virginia
Wilderness Coalition.

It’s going to be a “wild” weekend for many West Virginians, as they head into the great outdoors to help protect the state’s natural treasures. Saturday is “National Public Lands Day” – a day to clean up and improve public lands, parks and wilderness. Matt Keller with the West Virginia Wilderness Coalition says West Virginians can make a difference for the state’s wild areas.

"Both in getting involved in legislation in protecting areas, and in actually being out there and doing more of the dirty work, in getting involved with tree plantings and clean-ups and other things like that, are both extremely important in terms of the legacy that we leave our children."

He says the top legislative priority for West Virginians is federal protection for selected sites throughout “the Mon.” There are a handful of work sites around the state on Saturday – a list can be found at

Dave Saville with the West Virginia Wilderness Coalition says “Public Lands Day” is a chance to start restoring the state’s natural treasures to their “glory days” of the last century.

"West Virginians feel a real close connection to the land, and there’s a lot of pride in these special places, like the Monongahela National Forest and Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge."

Rob Ferrett/Eric Mack, Public News Service - WV