PNS Daily Newscast - December 12, 2018 

Trump clashes with Democrats and threatens a government shutdown if he doesn’t get his border wall. Also on the Wednesday rundown: Lawmakers agree on an $867-billion Farm Bill; and a new report finds private community correction centers failing to rehabilitate people who live there.

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New York Scores Clean-Air Victory: Record Power Plant CleanUp

October 9, 2007

Washington, DC – There's a change in the air coming for New York that's not related to the autumn weather -– cleaner and clearer skies. One of the nation's largest power producers has agreed to pay $4.6 billion to start cleaning up its coal-fired power plants in five states, after a long-running legal battle. At issue are the air pollutants that create acid rain and smog across the Northeast.

Under the agreement announced on Monday, American Electric Power will spend billions to install air pollution control equipment as part of a record-breaking settlement with the U.S. Justice Department over Clean Air Act violations. David Willett is with the Sierra Club, one of the groups that joined New York and several other states, as well as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, in the lawsuit filed eight years ago.

"This is a huge victory for clean air, it's good news for anyone who breathes in the East and Northeast because there will be significant reductions in the pollution that causes smog and acid rain."

While the settlement is seen as a major victory for health and the environment, Willett says the long-term game is non-polluting alternative energy. In the shorter term, Willett says residents and tourists will soon be able to notice the difference in air quality over many of New York's most popular attractions.

"The fact that those plants are going to have to get significantly cleaner will mean cleaner air over many of America's landmarks."

In addition to the equipment expenditures, the company will pay a $15 million fine, and spend $60 million to repair environmental damage caused by acid rain, soot and smog. More settlement details will come today.

John Robinson/Chris Thomas, Public News Service - NY