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More time on the ground for the Boeing 737 MAX. Also on our Thursday rundown: A diverse group tackles the topic of salmon recovery. Plus, summer bees are buzzing, but for how long?

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Fight for Kids Health Insurance Not Over—Despite Failure to Override Veto

October 19, 2007

Portland, OR – Supporters of the plan to expand health insurance coverage to millions more uninsured children, in Oregon and around the nation, say the fight isn't over. They fell just 13 votes shy of overriding President Bush's veto of the bill on Thursday. Democratic leaders say they'll be sending a new version of the State Children's Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP) to the President soon.

Janet Bauer, with the Oregon Center for Public Policy, says the majority of the public and the majority of lawmakers support the bill.

"It's an incredibly strong, responsible approach to a growing problem across the country -- children who do not have access to health care because they don't have coverage."

Bauer says Congress has an historic opportunity with the reauthorization of S-CHIP.

"Congress does have the opportunity to reach out to the growing number of uninsured children across the country, and to respond to a condition that is of concern to almost every American today."

All of Oregon's Congressional delegates, with the exception of Republican Greg Walden, voted in favor of the override.

Dondrea Warner/Craig Eicher, Public News Service - OR