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VA Car Show Demonstrates “Fuelish” Mileage Standards

November 1, 2007

Richmond, VA – Virginians are showing off their classic cars from the 1970s today in Richmond, and they want to talk about what's under their hoods: gas mileage that, in some cases, is better than many brand-new models.

The National Environmental Trust is a sponsor of the car show. NET's Ruth Morrison says Congress has an opportunity to require better vehicle mileage, a move that could save Virginia families hundreds of dollars a year.

"They're getting, in some cases, better mileage than the cars that we are driving around on the roads today. And that, of course, has an impact on our pocketbooks and on the environment."

Morrison says the Richmond classic car show coincides with major international oil companies' announcements of record profits this week; she hopes consumers will note the irony and see that it's time to demand a change. The U.S. Senate is considering a bill that would require vehicles to get at least 35 miles per gallon by 2020. Some carmakers object to the proposal, claiming safety could be compromised. But Morrison says raising mileage standards would keep more money in Virginians' pockets.

"That would save consumers an average of $25 billion a year, which, for the typical two-car family, is about a $700 annual savings at the pump."

Check out the classic cars, and their mileage rates, starting at 11:00 AM today at Ben & Jerry's in Carytown, Richmond.

Deborah Smith/John Robinson, Public News Service - VA