PNS Daily Newscast - April 7, 2020 

Wisconsin holds its presidential primary today, despite late action by the governor to try to postpone it. And public assistance programs are overhauled in response to COVID-19.

2020Talks - April 7, 2020 

Today's the Wisconsin primary, although Democratic Gov. Tony Evers tried to delay by executive order. A conservative majority on the state Supreme Court blocked the delay, after the Republican Legislature previously stymied similar efforts.

New Federal Salmon Plan—No Better than the Last?

November 1, 2007

Eugene, OR – The newest federal salmon recovery plan has been released, and salmon advocates say the future is no brighter for the Pacific Northwest's native fish, or the the communities, fishermen and businesses that rely on them. Conservationists, fishermen and community leaders are calling on Congress to step in and help. They say the new plan isn't much different than the previous plan a federal judge already found illegal for not doing enough to restore salmon populations under the federal "Endangered Species Act."

Glen Spain, of the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations, says the plan is still not based on sound science or economics.

"It's dressed up in slightly different clothes, but it is essentially the same kind of failed measures that they've been pursing for years,to no avail. We're no better off in the Columbia now than we were 20 years ago."

Spain adds the plan does provide for fish habitat restoration and increased hatchery production, but it doesn't include any significant changes to the area's hydroelectric dams, which hamper fish migration.

"This looks like a stall tactic. Essentially do nothing, or do nothing much more than they're already doing, for as long as possible, until the Administration passes it on to other hands."

The new plan, called a "Biological Opinion," is up for public comment for the next 90 days. A final version of the plan will be issued early next year by the federal NOAA Fisheries Service.

Dondrea Warner/John Robinson, Public News Service - OR