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Study: MA Residents Test Positive for Toxics

November 9, 2007

Boston, MA – There's a good chance you have toxic chemicals in your body -- that's the conclusion of a small but enlightening study in which five Massachusetts residents and 30 other volunteers across the nation agreed to be tested for 20 harmful chemicals. The results showed every volunteer had traces of at least seven of the chemicals found in everyday products such as toys, shower curtains, and cosmetics.

Massachusetts State Representative Ellen Story was one of the volunteers.

"We think we lead very clean and healthy lives. There are so many ways that we are exposed to toxic chemicals that we have no control over."

Another Massachusetts volunteer, Keeana Serene Saxon, says the toxics are so common it's hard to know how to avoid them.

"As a reasonable consumer, you would expect the food that comes to you in certain containers would be safe. It never dawned on me that there would be anything in any of the products I have."

Studies have also linked these chemicals to birth defects, asthma, and cancer. Representative Story supports a bill in the state legislature that would provide incentives for manufacturers to replace harmful chemicals with safer alternatives.

Kevin Clay, Public News Service - MA