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VA Salutes Public Schools’ E-S-P “Power”

November 14, 2007

Richmond, VA - They're usually the first to greet public school students each day, but they tend to be last on the pay scale. School bus drivers, office workers and classroom assistants receive special recognition today for their unique contributions to education, as Virginia celebrates "Educational Support Professional Day."

Linda Powell, a veteran school bus driver with Stafford County Public Schools, believes its time for "ESPs" to earn fair wages along with today's show of appreciation.

"It's a nationwide issue. We just want to get paid for what we do, and we want to be competitive with the areas that we have around us."

Powell sees ESPs as the backbone of many public school systems, taking care of the infrastructure and making sure things run smoothly, as well as adding to the classroom experience. Rodney Paxton, who drives a school bus for Wilson Middle School in Fishersville, agrees the pay could be better for such big responsibilities.

"We set their day every day, and set their attitude lots of times. We transport the most precious cargo in the world, and I just think it's time that we be given a fair shake."

A study from the National Education Association shows that some support professionals are paid below poverty wages. Learn more about the study online, at

Deborah Smith/Kevin Clay, Public News Service - VA