PNS Daily Newscast - February 26, 2020 

Seven Democrats debate in South Carolina. And helping kelp forests off the West coast.

2020Talks - February 25, 2020 

Tonight's the last debate before the South Carolina primaries, but it's also the last before Super Tuesday, which includes California and its 494 delegates.

WYO Marks World AIDS Day: Case Numbers Still Rising

November 29, 2007

Cheyenne, WY – HIV/AIDS infections have leveled off in recent years for some states, but not Wyoming. There have been gradual increases in recent years and about 150 people are living with the disease as the state marks World AIDS Day. Wyoming Department of Health HIV prevention manager Rob Johnston says their goal is to spread the message that the disease is 100 percent preventable, and 100 percent fatal. He says because medications are better, there's a misperception that it's a chronic disease, instead of a killer.

"We still have people dying of AIDS, but it's not quite as visible as you had during Arthur Ashe or Rock Hudson."

Johnston says the other trend for Wyoming is a steady increase in the demographics of those with the disease.

"Around 50 percent of our cases are related to men having sex with men. So, that means that all of the rest are heterosexual transmissions."

Johnston says Wyoming has seen a steady increase in the number of women getting the disease. Wyomingites are infected through sexual contact or needle sharing during drug use. Part of the AIDS quilt is on display today in Casper, several AIDS-themed movies are showing on campuses throughout the state tomorrow, and Saturday there's an AIDS Walk in Casper.

Deborah Smith/Chris Thomas, Public News Service - WY