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In the Season for Giving, Food Banks Facing Extra Need

November 29, 2007

Milwaukee, WI – The holiday season and the end of the tax year make this month one of the top times for charitable giving, and food banks in Wisconsin say they're facing extra need. Charles Vestal with the Milwaukee Hunger Task Force says declines in federal commodity programs and higher prices for key items like milk mean state food banks are being stretched thin. He says donations can make a big difference for Wisconsinites who rely on emergency food help, and the state and federal government can pitch in by improving the food stamp and commodity programs.

"It's very important to feed people in need today. If there's a hungry kid out there, he's got to be fed. At the same time, if you don't look at the causes for why there's uneven access to food, you'll never solve the problem."

Robert Jaskulski, president of the Wisconsin Academy of Trial Lawyers, says his group has made hunger relief part of its 50th anniversary celebration, and he challenges others to join in.

"It's very important for organizations that have a measure of success in the community, whether it be professional organizations like our own or corporations, to reach out to those in need, because government-funded programs designed to help those in need are continually being pinched."

The men say schools, businesses, and other groups can make hunger relief part of their holiday tradition by getting in touch with their local food banks.

Rob Ferrett/Chris Thomas, Public News Service - WI