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“Home-Grown” For the Holidays in Montana

December 3, 2007

Helena, MT – As Montana gets ready for the holidays, shoppers can look close to home for special meals and gifts. Lill Erickson with the Corporation for the Northern Rockies says a "home-grown" holiday helps the local economy, and can give a big boost to rural communities. She says the state offers a number of fresh holiday food choices, and the entrée is a great place to start.

"There are number of places where shoppers can get wonderful beef roasts, prime rib and even pork roasts. We have some great sustainable pork producers here in the state."

She says Montana also offers some unique side dishes, such as organic potatoes in unusual shapes and sizes, lentils, and the grain kamut, which is produced almost exclusively here in the state. And, she adds, local holiday shopping doesn't stop in the grocery aisle, either.

"There are many artisans in the region from whom people can purchase gifts; there's some sustainable organic wool products, beautiful hats and sweaters."

Erickson explains an added bonus to buying locally produced foods and gifts is that, because they don't have to travel as far, less pollution is generated to get them to market.

Rob Ferrett/Craig Eicher, Public News Service - MT