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Republican Budget Challenge Rallies Islanders

December 6, 2007

Seaford, NY - A Republican Congressman has sent shock waves through the political landscape with the announcement that he would challenge his ally, President Bush, over an Administration proposal to slash Homeland Security funds by half for the New York region.

Representative Peter King calls the cut "unacceptable," because New York, Nassau, and Suffolk police departments are "the frontline soldiers in the domestic war on terror." Lisa Tyson, of the Long Island Progressive Coalition, applauds King for standing up to the President.

"What President Bush is saying in his budget is that we do not support the people who are protecting us, the people of September 11th, the people who had to breathe that toxic air."

The Homeland Security cuts aren't the only budget changes on the table. Money may also be trimmed from home heating assistance, healthcare, and education. President Bush has defended the budget cuts as fiscally responsible, but Tyson argues the Administration's budget plan neglects what Islanders need at home.

"This budget is going to destroy families. It will cut home heating oil, medical research, education, energy assistance, worker safety, and healthcare for veterans."

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has said he will do all possible to forestall the New York cuts, which are part of an Office of Management and Budget proposal to slash security spending by nearly a billion dollars nationwide.

Robert Knight/Kevin Clay, Public News Service - NY