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Report: MT “Out Pollutes” 56 Developing Countries

December 12, 2007

Missoula, MT – Exactly how much pollution is in that "Big Sky?" A new report from the National Environmental Trust puts global pollution in global perspective, calculating that Montana generates more greenhouse gas pollution than 56 developing countries, combined.

The state's faith leaders believe churches have a role to play in the cleanup. They want to model the kind of leadership needed to reduce the impact that the United States' pollution is having on the world climate. Claudia Brown, with the Caring for Creation Network in Missoula, also believes the churches can help.

"Churches deal with ethical and moral issues, and global warming is very much of an ethical and moral issue."

Brown says it's natural that church leaders start talking about the urgent need to reduce climate change pollution.

"Churches have a prophetic role. People are looking to churches for some guidance and leadership."

The report calls for policies and laws to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including setting standards for renewable energy generation. Critics say additional regulation could hurt businesses; and there are still some Montanans who are not convinced that climate change is even happening.

Deborah Smith/John Robinson, Public News Service - MT