PNS Daily Newscast - January 21, 2020 

Climate change is on the radar for rural voters in Iowa. Plus, the Senate impeachment rules.

2020Talks - January 21, 2020 

Candidates attended the Iowa Brown & Black Forum in Des Moines, and answered tough questions about their records on race. It was MLK Day, and earlier many were in South Carolina marching together to the State Capitol.

“Dashing Through the Dough” - ID Jobs Update

December 18, 2007

Boise, ID – You may be able to get a job in Idaho, but finding a good job that pays a living wage is another matter.

A new report says only about 20 percent of jobs available pay a "living wage" for an average family, reckoned as around $20 per hour. That's the minimum needed to cover basic expenses, with a little extra for saving. The report by the Northwest Federation of Community Organizations also finds that in Idaho the odds of landing a "good-paying" job are significantly lower for people of color and for residents of rural areas.

Boise economist Don Reading with Ben Johnson & Associates says Idaho needs to work to improve numbers of good jobs, and he doesn't see that message in state campaigns that try to lure new businesses to the Gem State. In fact, it's the opposite.

"In the state’s economic development literature, they actually say Idaho's a low-wage state. That may be attractive to businesses, but that doesn’t help working families."

Critics of the report point out that Idaho’s employment picture is good, with the unemployment rate still near record lows.

However, Reading says, all the news about Idaho's rosy economy skims over the low-wage issue that has been dogging most families for about 10 years now.

"What's probably less known is the fact that while we've been growing, everyone in the growing state isn't growing at the same level."

Deborah Smith/John Robinson, Public News Service - ID