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The U.S. now has more confirmed coronavirus cases than any other country. Despite the pandemic, Election 2020 continues and states are making changes.

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3.3 million people reported being jobless last week, according to new Labor Department numbers. And Puerto Rico was supposed to hold primaries this weekend, though they pushed it back to late April, because of COVID-19.

New Year’s Promise: Safer Toys for TN

December 20, 2007

Nashville, TN – How many unsafe toys does it take to get the attention of Congress? This year, more than 25 million have been recalled in the United States, primarily for dangerous levels of lead. As a result, federal legislation has been fast-tracked to set the highest lead safety standards in the world.

It won't help with this holiday year's shopping, but Santa's elves in Tennessee may soon have an easier time of it. Christopher Spina, of the bipartisan children's advocacy group First Focus, says toy companies will face more testing requirements in order to identify problems before toys end up on store shelves. The proposal also requires quicker consumer notification if there are toy-related safety issues.

"It actually requires third-party testing on children's products, which means that there'll be pre-market, independent testing for lead and other hazards."

Spina says even most toy companies agree the legislation is needed.

"The toy industry has been damaged by this, as well, and I think they're welcoming these reforms with open arms. They're very receptive to the changes, because it's about the safety of our children."

The "Consumer Product Safety Modernization Act" (HR 4040) would make lead safety standards in the U.S. the toughest in the world. The bill also provides money to fully staff the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, and allows consumers to directly file civil lawsuits when a toy causes harm. The bill could be on the President's desk awaiting a signature by this weekend.

Deborah Smith/Kevin Clay, Public News Service - TN