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Harvey Weinstein in custody after being convicted of felony sex crimes. And U.S. Supreme Court to consider foster-parenting rights of same-sex couples.

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Tonight's the last debate before the South Carolina primaries, but it's also the last before Super Tuesday, which includes California and its 494 delegates.

Californians Play A Part In New Hampshire Primary

January 8, 2008

San Francisco, CA - Looking toward today's New Hampshire primary election, some West Coast members of the healthcare workers' union SEIU spent their holiday season on the East Coast. They were going door to door pushing for health care reform.

Stephanie Switzer left her home in northern California before Christmas because she believes the health care system needs to be fixed. Switzer's 22-year-old daughter was denied health insurance because she was more than 100 pounds overweight.

"I would hate to see any other mother or person have to face those kinds of issues just because you're not the right size, you're not the right this or that, to be denied health care services."

Switzer says New Hampshire's cold weather was quite a shock to her system, but it has been worth it.

"I have never worn so many clothes at one time in my life, let alone walked in thigh-deep snow to get to a front door, but I would do 12 feet of snow just to get the message out."

The union wants the next president of the United States to create a universal health insurance plan, and some of the presidential candidates are backing that idea.

Lori Abbott/Kevin Clay, Public News Service - CA