PNS Daily Newscast _ March 31, 2020 

Treasury and IRS say economic impact checks for COVID-19 to begin in next three weeks. And states deal with collision of coronavirus and homelessness.

2020Talks - March 31, 2020 

During the new coronavirus pandemic, many are advocating more mail-in ballots. Some say restricting voting by mail is one method of suppressing the vote.

Iowans will be Listening to the State of the Union

January 28, 2008

Des Moines, IA – President Bush has one year remaining in office, and when he goes before Congress tonight for his final State of the Union address, he is expected to focus on what he hopes to do in that time. As usual, there is no advance text of his speech, but it is anticipated he'll begin with domestic issues and unfinished business on the home front before he discusses foreign affairs.

Many people in Iowa will be listening attentively; one among them is retired Des Moines teacher and Iowa Citzens for Community Improvement/em> member, Judy Lonning.

"I think there are many Iowans who are looking for policies that speak to everyday people. We want government that works for all people and puts voters ahead of big money."

She says she already has a pretty good idea of what the agenda will cover.

"I think we'll hear a lot about the economy, I think we'll hear about health care. I don't know how much we'll hear about government working for all people over the big money interests."

Lonning says she got a good idea of the domestic policies that concern average Iowans at the Heartland Presidential Forum back in December, which launched the "Campaign for Community Values." At the forum, people told their personal stories to the national candidates, looking for solutions on immigration, housing, farm policy, the economy, health care and election reform.

Dick Layman/John Robinson, Public News Service - IA