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Virtual Shortcut to Homework Help for NV Teens

January 28, 2008

Las Vegas, NV – Google may rule when it comes to wide-ranging Internet searches, but teens in Nevada who need help with their homework can find it online, and they'll notice that the resources are targeted specifically to what they're learning in school.

Lauren Stokes manages the Virtual Library of the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District. When students log on to the "Teen Zone" on the library's Homework Help Website, they are directed to information keyed to the subjects being taught in Nevada schools, she says.

"If they have a computer at home and Internet access, and they start with the library Website, they're more likely to get the help they need quicker and faster than if they walked into the library building, or began running around Google."

Stokes says the site also can direct students to online tutors who can help them work their way through difficult problems.

"Tutoring takes place through chat and a whiteboard. The tutor and the student both can write on the board. So, if it's a math problem, the tutor can go in and show the student the basics of it. Tutors don't give students the answers, but they try to explain how to do a problem."

For a Nevada teenager faced with a chemistry question, the library's site should be more direct than a Google search, which should save them time, according to Stokes.

"We really push the fact that, rather than go and Google 'periodic elements' and turn up thousands and thousands of 'hits,' they're better off to come here. We have two or three Websites that will help them with that assignment."

In addition to the "Teen Zone," online Homework Help also is available for younger students. They can find out how well they're doing in a particular subject area, too. Students living anywhere in Nevada can log on to the site, although those in the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District get access to more programs. The Web address is the acronym of Las Vegas-Clark County Library District:

Michael Clifford/Chris Thomas, Public News Service - NV