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Treasury and IRS say economic impact checks for COVID-19 to begin in next three weeks. And states deal with collision of coronavirus and homelessness.

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During the new coronavirus pandemic, many are advocating more mail-in ballots. Some say restricting voting by mail is one method of suppressing the vote.

Farm Convention Aims to “Energize” Ohio Farmers

January 31, 2008

Dublin, OH – Farm-grown energy and locally grown produce are two of the hot topics at the Ohio Farmers Union convention, which kicks off today in Dublin. Joe Logan, the group's president, says the focus is on ways the farmers and rural communities can boost revenue while helping to solve global problems. He believes the state's farmers can play a key role in lessening the nation’s reliance on coal and oil, and the climate changing pollution that comes along with the use of fossil fuels.

"Ethanol, biodiesel and cellulosic ethanol are not new concepts and we believe they present some enormous opportunities, especially to farmers."

Logan believes cellulosic ethanol is a particularly good fit for Ohio with an opportunity to have small, local biomass plants serving local communities. He says the conference will also take a look at ways to resolve the Farm Bill deadlock in Congress.

According to Logan, the conference will also help farmers market their products locally. He says there's growing consumer demand for fresh, local products. He explains that selling meat, dairy, and produce locally cuts down on the energy used in transporting foods around the world.

"We think it makes a lot of sense to look to nearby communities as a source for those products, rather than some market halfway across the world."

Conference information is available online at

Rob Ferrett/John Robinson, Public News Service - OH