PNS Daily Newscast - May 26, 2020 

University of California gets high marks for shelving standardized test scores during the pandemic; and the work-from-home trend could be a boon for people with disabilities.

2020Talks - May 26, 2020 

Monday was Memorial Day. More than 100,000 people in the five major U.S. territories are military veterans, but can't vote for commander-in-chief. Plus, Puerto Rico has a statehood referendum this November.

Congress Considers Wyoming’s “Legacy” Today

February 27, 2008

Cheyenne, WY – Wyoming's message of "whoa!" on oil and gas drilling is being heard in Washington, D.C. today. A Senate committee is looking at the "Wyoming Range Legacy Act," which puts about one million acres of forest land off limits to oil and gas development.

Outfitter Gary Amerine from Daniel, who owns Greys River Trophies and is the founder of Citizens Protecting the Wyoming Range, is testifying today. He says setting aside land that won't be drilled has become a priority.

"The Wyoming Range is so important to me and my family, my business, and thousands of other people who have supported this effort."

Senator John Barrasso last fall introduced the Act, which also has the support of Governor Dave Freudenthal. Amerine says the Act also lists property owners, conservation groups, sportsmen and small businesses as backers. Opponents of the measure say resources on public land shouldn't be off-limits.

Amerine says some of the land under the Act has already been leased for oil and gas drilling, although no development has taken place. He says the Act needs to give those lease owners some options so they can benefit tax-wise, or get money in their pockets.

"Let's just get some of these older leases that have been sitting around either donated, or come up with a process for a buyout."

Deborah Smith/Craig Eicher, Public News Service - WY