PNS Daily Newscast - November 15, 2019 

President Trump asks SCOTUS to block release of his tax returns; use of the death penalty is on the decline across the country; and a push to make nutrition part of the health-care debate.

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Former MA Gov. Deval Patrick is officially running for president, saying he can attract more Independents and moderate Republicans than other candidates.

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Climate Bill DOA; Could Leave Climate Change Action Up to States Like Iowa

June 10, 2008

Des Moines, IA – It looks like Congress won't consider the Climate Security Act until next year, which puts a federal policy on climate change on hold, at least for several more months. So, Iowa Senator Rob Hogg, who is a member of the Governor's Climate Change Advisory Council, says it's time for state governments to step up to the plate. He says the agreement to a cap-and-trade program at the Midwestern Governors' summit in 2007 shows Iowa has the chance to take the lead on climate change legislation.

"It does make a difference; we do need the leadership from Midwest governors. We are beginning to do some things and Iowa is showing some leadership."

Hogg says the Council's industry-related members recommend waiting for a federal law to guide their efforts - but he sees two reasons for Iowa to act now.

"We can reduce emissions and save money at the same time, but also, any federal legislation that is being considered is going to reward states that have taken early action."

The Climate Change Advisory Council is charged with making recommendations for policies to curb the state's contribution to global warming. Its report will be presented to the Iowa Legislature and Governor Culver in December.

Dick Layman/Kevin Clay, Public News Service - IA