PNS Daily Newscast - October 23, 2019 

A top US diplomat testifies that millions in military aid was held up over Trump demand for "Biden probe." Also on our rundown, a hearing today targets Big Oil and "climate denial."

2020Talks - October 23, 2019 

Facebook says it blocked four networks of social media accounts to prevent election interference; and Julin Castro announces he might not have enough cash on hand to keep the campaign going.

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Reminder to CA Retirees And Disabled Vets - Not Too Late To File For Rebate

July 1, 2008

Sacramento, CA - It's not too late to get a rebate. That's the message Uncle Sam wants to send to thousands of California retirees and disabled veterans who have yet to apply for federal stimulus checks. According to the IRS, there are 615,000 Californians who receive Social Security and veterans' benefits, who are likely eligible for the one-time rebates.

Mark Beach with the California AARP says people who don't normally have to file tax returns may be confused about the process.

"People aren't used to filing returns, and they sort of just don't do it, by default at this point. Also I think that there's confusion about how difficult it is to do this; really you just file your return and the IRS will take care of it."

Beach says the 1040-A tax form is quick and easy to fill out, requiring only basic information. The stimulus checks are typically $300 for individuals or $600 per couple. The deadline to file for an economic stimulus rebate is October 15th. AARP's Web site has detailed information on who is eligible for a rebate and how to file.

Beach says many retirees and those on fixed incomes could use the extra money now.

"Ironically, many of the people who haven't filed are the people who could use these payments the most – those on fixed incomes and who often have trouble getting by, so it's very, very important that they file."

Later in the summer, the IRS will send reminder notices to the country's 5.2 million eligible seniors and disabled veterans who haven't yet filed for the rebate.

Lori Abbott/Kevin Clay, Public News Service - CA