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Massachusetts "Connector" Customers Celebrate Health Insurance Independence

July 7, 2008

Boston, MA - It's back to work today for most Bay Staters, but many will continue to celebrate a newfound independence: freedom from high health care costs. They've replaced costly COBRA benefits with health coverage through the Massachusetts Health Connector. This source of affordable, transportable coverage meets the state's requirement for residents to buy health insurance, with plans tailored to individual needs.

Laura Littlechild owns an art studio in Boston. She says it almost seemed too good to be true, compared to what she was paying to continue coverage from a previous employer.

"It saved me over $200 a month, I think. I was paying about $550 with COBRA, and now with the Health Connector I'm paying about $300."

The Health Connector is an independent state authority that offers health insurance plans to Massachusetts residents. It's generally cheaper than COBRA, has no 18-month limit, and gives people the freedom to move between jobs without being tied to employer-based health insurance.

Jessica Ritchie, 23, works for an interior design studio in Boston. Her Connector plan is well-suited for young adults, she says.

"I do feel a little bit invincible, and I think that that is reflected in the plan that I chose, because if I was anticipating anything grave happening, I probably would have gone for a plan with a lower deductible."

John Robinson/Steve Powers, Public News Service - MA