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Oregon Coast Plays Leading Role

August 1, 2008

Eugene, OR – It's a big week for the Oregon coast-–not just in terms of summer tourists, but because of the growing push to protect it. Gov. Ted Kulongoski has joined California and Washington in a "West Coast Governors Agreement on Ocean Health." This comes as Oregonians are busy nominating places to be part of a marine reserve system off the coast.

And a new made-in-Oregon documentary debuts this week: "Common Ground Part 2: Oregon Ocean Legacy," the sequel to "Common Ground: Oregon's Ocean." The new film will be screened around the state in August.

Susan Allen, with the group Our Ocean, says "Common Ground 2" focuses on the marine reserves debate.

"It's an overview of what communities have in common: how fishermen and scientists have found areas of common interest. It's about how they've been building on those things, and what the local communities have been doing with that guidance."

Allen adds that the governors agreement will be especially helpful to Oregon, because it's in the spirit of what the state is already doing.

"I think that it's the power of three. You have all three West Coast governors who have one resource in common. It's exciting to see a common vision. It's the stewardship piece that Oregonians understand."

The agreement outlines seven priority areas for ocean health, one of which is promoting systems that protect the ocean as a whole, rather than focusing on single species. The ocean is linked to almost $1 billion of the Oregon economy.

The West Coast governors agreement is available at "Common Ground 2" information and clips are at

Chris Thomas, Public News Service - OR