PNS Daily Newscast - September 20, 2019 

A whistleblower complaint against President Trump sets off tug-of-war between Congress and the White House; and students around the world strike today to demand action on climate change.

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Climate change is a big issue this election season, and global climate strikes kick off, while UAW labor strikes continue.

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Another Day of Oil Drilling Pressure for FL

August 25, 2008

Miami, FL – Another Monday, another day of pressure from a group of Congressional Republicans who want a special session called for a vote on offshore drilling. That's a sensitive topic in Florida because of concerns that tropical storms or accidents could cause oil spills that would sully the state's beaches and thus harm its tourism industry.

Sierra Club president Carl Pope says that instead of more drilling, people need options to help them use less gas, such as more public transportation and better mileage in cars and trucks.

"An economy in which we use less oil because we're more efficient is also an economy where the price of oil will be lower, so it's a win-win."

Pope argues that Texas oil giant T. Boone Pickens even agrees that we can't drill our way out of the crisis and is putting his oil money behind wind power development.

"Other solutions to develop include plug-in hybrids and solar. The fact is, we have lots of options we can adopt; drilling should not to be one of them."

Backers of drilling say efficiency and alternative fuels can't keep up with demand, and believe drilling safety measures will prevent spills. The Republicans pushing for a special session have been asking every day for more than two weeks.

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Deborah Smith/Steve Powers, Public News Service - FL