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Fun Run Through a Landfill?

September 2, 2008

Des Moines, IA – The Metro Waste Authority "Green Run" is coming, and runners may be surprised at not only where the 10K cross-country run and 5k walk-run course will be, but what they will see there. In fact, they'll literally be "down in the dumps" by the time they cross the finish line.

As Amy Horst of Metro Waste Authority explains, the Sept. 21 events will held at the Metro Park East Landfill.

"What runners and walkers will get a chance to see is natural prairie and the farm fields, and how we have a farm management plan. They also will get to see the natural wetlands."

Horst says many people have the wrong idea about a landfill and what happens to it once the property is reclaimed. During the first such run last year, she recalls, those who showed up expected to be holding their noses - and were pleasantly surprised that it wasn't necessary.

"A lot of runners last year commented after the race that they couldn't believe how beautiful the area is, and to use the word 'beautiful' when you describe a landfill is definitely not something you normally hear."

Registration forms are available online at

Dick Layman/Steve Powers, Public News Service - IA