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NBA legend Kobe Bryant dies in a helicopter crash with his daughter. And states work to make U.S. Census fair for people of color.

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Democracy Begins With Checking Your Voter Registration

September 9, 2008

Sacramento, CA - A record number of Californians are expected to head to the polls in November, but some may be turned away if their voter registration isn't up to date. Voting rights advocates are urging military personnel, college students and those who have moved in the last four years to double check their status.

Steven Rosenfeld, author of "Count My Vote," says it's up to the voter to assure his or her registration is correct.

"Call your local election official, make sure you're registered and current and know where to vote or get an absentee ballot. That should take care of most of the problems for most people."

"Count My Vote--A Citizen's Guide to Voting" is based on Rosenfeld's experience covering the 2004 presidential election. He says his book looks at the lessons from that election to make sure the same problems don't happen again when large crowds turn out to vote in November.

"With the exception of electronic vote theft by political insiders, just about every other problem can be solved if people get their voter registration correct."

A record 9.1 million Californians voted in February's presidential primary; more than 16 million are registered to vote in the state. To vote on Nov. 4, 2008, the last day to register is October 20.

Lori Abbott/Chris Thomas, Public News Service - CA