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Governor Schwarzenegger Signs Landmark Legislation To Reduce Climate Pollution

October 2, 2008

Sacramento, CA - Calling it the sequel to California's landmark global warming legislation, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed into law the anti-sprawl bill, SB 375. It is designed to help the state fight global warming by encouraging communities to consider climate change when planning land-use projects.

The governor says this is the first time a state has tied greenhouse gas emissions to transportation, housing and land-use planning.

"This bill takes California's fight against global warming to an unprecedented new level. It is a fight the rest of the country will undoubtedly use as a model."

Pete Price, spokesman for the California League of Conservation Voters, says business-as-usual isn't working because the state hasn't succeeded in limiting urban sprawl, which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.

"SB 375 recognizes that our environmental laws need not only to prevent environmental degradation, but also to encourage projects that are good for the environment."

The measure directs the California Air Resources Board to work with metropolitan planning agencies to try to reduce the distances residents drive. Environmentalists call it the missing piece in California's plan to reduce global warming pollution.

Some critics of the bill worry it could compromise local governments' planning authority.

More information is available from the California League of Conservation Voters at Read more about SB 375 at

Lori Abbott/Don Mathisen, Public News Service - CA