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Efforts continue to quell the backlash over President Donald Trump’s changing statements on the Russia summit. Also on the Thursday rundown: protestors are out for Mike Pence’s visit to Missouri; and nobody wants to go, but one option is green burials.

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Hold Your Fire: Gun Violence and Colorado Youth

October 22, 2008

Denver – Finding ways to say "No Way, No How" to a recent rise in the number of Colorado children and teens killed by firearms; that's part of the message on this "Day of International Concern About Young People and Gun Violence.” After taking a big dip, the number of kids killed in incidents of gun violence went up again in 2005, the most recent year statistics have been compiled.

Children’s Defense Fund spokesman Ed Shelleby says the time has come to turn around our "culture of violence."

"Easiest is to refuse to buy products for your children that glamorize guns."

Shelleby explains that years of progress against the combination of gun violence and youth are beginning to erode.

"The Children's Defense Fund has been looking at gun violence data for more than a decade, and the most recently-released data is actually the first increase since 1994."

Shelleby adds it’s also important not to become desensitized to the violence, which is easy to do because it's so common in entertainment

"Talk to community leaders and tell them about the effects of gun violence, not only for children, but for themselves, and for communities."

Shelleby says in Colorado, many of the gun deaths are suicides - which he says points to the importance of mental health services and education.

Those opposed to changing gun laws cite interference with the constitutional right to bear arms.

Complete data on firearm deaths of children and teens at

Eric Mack, Public News Service - CO