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"Keep it Made in America" Tonight in Green Bay

October 28, 2008

Green Bay, WI - It's a rally designed to shake some rust off the Rust Belt. Football stars A.J. Hawk and Mason Crosby will be on hand to kick off the final stop in the "Keep it Made in America," a town hall-style tour this evening in Green Bay.

Steven Capozzola, with the Alliance for American Manufacturing, says Wisconsin has lost roughly 100,000 manufacturing jobs since 2000. He blames the national trade deficit with China, and points out that the effects are being seen far beyond the unemployment office.

"There are sulfur deposits falling in the Great Lakes, and that's from Chinese factories. That's because China really disregards any sort of environmental practices."

While Capozzola is optimistic about Wisconsin's potential to create "green jobs" by ramping up to manufacture goods for renewable energy production and energy efficiency, he warns U.S. trade policy must also be changed - to ensure that these jobs don't end up in China, too.

"Yes, let's create green jobs, but at the same time, let's look at existing U.S. trade law and start to enforce it. We have laws on the books, but we're not enforcing them - and it's time to."

Capozolla is also critical of China for what he says is artificially manipulating its currency and routinely violating trade agreements. In the end, he says, American workers and consumers pay the price. Free trade proponents say trade with China is merely supplying a great demand here in America.

The free town hall rally at Lambeau Field Atrium in Green Bay starts at 6:15 p.m.

Eric Mack/Kevin Clay, Public News Service - WI