PNS Daily Newscast - July 23, 2019 

A bipartisan deal reached to avert U.S. government default. Also on our Tuesday rundown: a new report calculates the high hospital costs for employers. Plus, new legislation could help protect Florida's at-risk wildlife.

Daily Newscasts

Saving the ATV of the Turtle World

December 22, 2008

Richmond, VA - Intense development in Northern Virginia has destroyed the forest home of the wood turtle to such a degree that a panel of scientists and conservationists has chosen it as one of their Top Ten species to be added to the federal endangered species list. The eight-inch-long reptile is the all-terrain vehicle of the turtle world; they prefer to live in wet forests, but they'll climb into bushes to eat berries and even stomp on the ground to raise earthworms.

Sherman Bamford, who is the public lands coordinator for Virginia Forest Watch, says federal protection could save more than just the turtles.

"If it's affecting these animals, then it could, in turn, affect humans. Humans drink the water from these streams and humans depend on forests for a lot of things; recreation, and a way of life that's quickly vanishing in Virginia."

Bamford says the Endangered Species Act is the nation's safety net for wildlife at risk for disappearing forever. Virginia Forest Watch is part of the Endangered Species Coalition, which developed the Top Ten list. That list also includes the Pacific walrus and the wolverine, among other species.

Aries Keck, Public News Service - VA