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Gas prices could jump today in response to the Saudi oil attack; energy efficiency jobs are booming in the U.S.; and a national call to promote election security.

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Former Rep. John Delaney on the opioids crisis; a field organizer for Sen. Kamala Harris on campaigning in Iowa; and a President Donald Trump supporter who cares more about numbers than personalities.

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A New Year's Resolution to End Poverty in New Mexico

December 29, 2008

Santa Fe – Chances are good that half the children you see in the Land of Enchantment come from poor families - maybe more. Unemployment in New Mexico rose by over a third in 2008, and that's bad news for the 45 percent of children in the state who were already living in low-income families as of 2007 - before the economy turned sour. Children’s Defense Fund president Marian Wright Edelman says we should all make a New Year's resolution to speak up for kids and fight back against what she calls the greed that's hitting them the hardest.

"We’ve got some big, big problems. (We need to say to some of those people) 'open your eyes and stop being short-sighted and trying to get everything you can for this minute, while the foundation is rotting.'"

Edelman says one big issue for children that can be addressed in 2009 is the gap between the rich and the poor in the United States, which is as wide today as ever before.

"You cannot have 13 million children growing up in poverty, nine million children without basic healthcare. You cannot have a majority of all children not reading at grade level in 12th grade."

Edelman says for those who still have jobs, too many are working full-time and still don’t have enough to avoid losing their home, buy health coverage, or pay for quality childcare.

More statistics on child poverty at

Eric Mack, Public News Service - NM