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Economist: Specter Did The Right Thing For PA

February 18, 2009

Harrisburg, PA - The National Republican Trust political action committee is taking aim at Pennsylvania's Arlen Specter for being one of the three GOP senators who supported the economic stimulus plan signed into law Tuesday. Calling the measure "bad for the state and the nation," the PAC says Specter voted for a plan that won't work and is "packed with pork-barrel programs."

However, Keystone Research Center economist Stephen Hertzenberg says Specter did the right thing for the economy and for Pennsylvania.

"People across Pennsylvania, whether they're Republican or Democratic, want pragmatic actions to stop the free-fall of our economy."

He says the media campaign targeting Specter won't be effective, because Pennsylvanians support the stimulus package.

"By saying, 'I'm for pragmatism, I'm for getting the engine of economic growth going again,' I think Senator Specter is lined up with the people of Pennsylvania."

Hertzenberg says the stimulus plan is a start on getting the economy back on track, but an even larger shot in the arm may be needed to pull the nation out of a deep recession.

"If it becomes clear, as I think it will, that we need more than this, then we can revisit the question. So, I think it's a really critical step forward."

Glen Gardner, Public News Service - PA