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It's World Diabetes Day, and health care, including the high cost of insulin and other drugs, is a top issue for many voters. Plus, do early states like Iowa and New Hampshire have an outsized role in the nomination process?

Daily Newscasts

NH “Click It” Vote Set Today

February 18, 2009

Concord, NH – The balance between individual rights and the public good is being debated in Concord, where the "click it" vote is set for today in the New Hampshire House. The measure would require adults to buckle up in cars and trucks. It's a law that state legislators have rejected for years because of concern over infringing on individual rights.

Jennifer Daigle is a state resident who used to agree with that concern. Her perspective changed after she was unbelted in a serious car crash and suffered a traumatic brain injury, which has left her unable to work and reliant on taxpayer money.

"I have now affected thousands of people's rights, because I am on Social Security, I get Medicaid, and all that other assistance."

Daigle says she's living the example of the way personal rights can cause public harm.

"And, as soon as my right as the individual has interfered with the public's right, then it's no longer an individual issue."

The state Seat Belt Commission weighed the pros and cons of a seat belt law for adults, and decided that the public's interest was best served by such a law. If New Hampshire does not pass the law, the state will miss out on almost four million dollars in federal money.

Deb Courson, Public News Service - NH