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Group: PA Poised to Jump on Federal Clean Energy Policies

March 12, 2009

Washington, DC - A plan coming out of Washington, D.C., to package energy and global warming proposals into one bill would be a very good thing for Pennsylvania, according to a spokesman for the National Wildlife Federation (NWF). Joe Mendelson, NWF global warming policy director, says the new plan put forward by Democratic leaders in Congress could restore the state's heritage as an energy producer by helping foster a new green return to that status.

"Some of the manufacturing base in Pennsylvania actually has changed, to start producing the components for wind turbines and others."

The new federal legislation will create jobs and lead to a cleaner Pennsylvania that once again could be a top producer of energy, Mendelson says. This time, he adds, that energy won't come from the oil in the ground, but from the equipment produced in Pennsylvania to harness the wind.

Critics of the plan say lawmakers should focus on fixing the economy first, but President Obama says addressing energy is key to reviving the economy.

Mendelson contends that this bill will help industry in the state transform to meet a green future.

"Pennsylvania is showing the way: that a new clean-energy future is really one that also will build our economy and create new jobs - jobs that can reinvigorate our industrial production in this country."

Glen Gardner, Public News Service - PA