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Ohio Lawmakers to Hear Struggles of Children "Aging Out" of Care

April 28, 2009

Columbus, OH - More than a thousand Ohio teens "age out" of foster care each year and, while some are ready for the challenges of launching into adulthood, others lack the proper support system for a safe landing, so to speak.

Today, dozens of teens and social service advocates will rally in Columbus, asking lawmakers to increase funding for programs that help at-risk children make successful transitions to independent living. Youth Empowerment Program Director Angela Lariviere points out that, because they have no families on which to rely, former foster children often are at greater risk for poverty, homelessness and incarceration.

"If you don't have those support systems, and no one has ever taught you how to advocate for yourself, then how are you going to be able to understand what you need as an adult?"

Brooklyn Young of Franklin County uses her own experience to fuel her passion for the cause. She was orphaned at age 16, when her mother died of cancer. Without the proper guidance, she warns, many former foster children end up on the streets and in dangerous situations.

"I lacked healthcare and food; didn't know where I would be living and didn't have any resources, as to which college to go to, or financial aid. It was extremely difficult for me to even navigate life. You just combine all the different factors that these youth are going through and, when they don't have an outlet - that's when some pretty horrible things happen."

At the statehouse today, members of the Ready to Launch Coalition will share their stories of life challenges with state leaders. They hope it will lead to increased funding for independent living services, homeless shelters and mental health services for transitional youth.

Mary Kuhlman, Public News Service - OH