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Counselor: Recession is the Overwhelming Issue for Arizonans Seeking Help

August 14, 2009

Prescott, AZ - Recession-caused financial problems appear to be driving more couples into marriage and family counseling. One Prescott counselor says money troubles are a factor for virtually everyone seeking help these days. Sue Horst, with Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest, says practically all her clients are feeling recession-induced financial stress.

"Ninty percent of them are bringing up their financial concerns in one way or another, and how it's affecting their relationship, either at home or at work. Prior to this, probably fifty percent or less would bring that up."

Horst says her clients typically have trust issues intertwined with their financial problems. Her response is to teach communication and relationship skills.

"Communication skills can be used within the relationship to build a tighter bond so that it's the two of you facing the world together."

Couples used to come in with mainly emotional concerns, Horst says, but now talk almost exclusively about how issues like debt and foreclosure are negatively affecting their lives. She has found success with a three-pronged counseling approach involving traditional talk therapy, teaching of life skills, and reinforcing a person's spiritual beliefs, whatever they may be.

"Whether they look to God, a higher power, or the universe, we go with their spiritual belief; we support their belief system. Especially for people in financial need, it is critical to be able to connect to their spiritual source."

In addition to Prescott Valley, the Life Counseling Network of Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest is well-established in the Tucson area and is expanding into Greater Phoenix.

Doug Ramsey, Public News Service - AZ