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The Supreme Court considers U.S. Census citizenship question – we have a pair of reports. Also on the Wednesday rundown: A look at how poor teacher pay and benefits can threaten preschoolers' success. And the Nevada Assembly votes to restore voting rights for people who've served their time in prison.

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The Politics of Energy and Climate Change: DC Expert Coming to NH

September 29, 2009

MANCHESTER, N.H. - Politics, energy and climate change, and their relationship to national security, is the topic for discussion at a lecture on Wednesday (Sept. 30) at Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester. The keynote speaker, Sarah Ladislaw, is an energy and national security expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C. She has been looking at this relationship for years, and while some people believe they are separate issues, she says climate change, energy production and U.S. policies all have a direct impact on future availability of energy, as well as our national security.

"If you don't answer the question about what you should do about climate change, whether or not we should be moving to a whole new slate of energy sources going forward, you can't really answer the question about energy security: whether or not those resources will be affordable, reliable and available."

Jan Pendlebury, senior field associate with the Pew Environment Group, says that the realities of climate change are no longer deniable. She says the time to begin using alternative forms of energy is now.

"Sea level rise, wildfires, flood, drought, famine. But the greatest risk is to our national security, our continued dependence on foreign oil from hostile nations."

The event, which is titled "The Geopolitics of Energy, Climate Change & National Security," is sponsored by the World Affairs Council of New Hampshire, Pew Environment Group and Southern New Hampshire University and will be held at the Penmen Room, at the Southern New Hampshire University campus, beginning Wednesday at noon.

The U.S. Senate is expected to introduce a climate change bill this week, which is sponsored by Senators Barbara Boxer of California and John Kerry of Massachusetts.

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