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Tips for Hunting Season in Colorado

October 15, 2009

DOLORES, Colo. - October is a big month for deer and elk hunting in Colorado, with plenty of hunters expected to set up camp this weekend. Elk hunter Mike Matz directs the Campaign for America's Wilderness from Durango. He says the best tip for finding big game is to head to one of Colorado's wilderness areas.

"A wilderness species like elk is very prone to being in areas where the animals can get away from folks on ATVs."

He says studies have shown that elk tend to stay a mile or two from roads or vehicle noise, so roadless areas make prime elk hunting grounds.

This fall's chilly weather should be seen as an advantage for elk hunters, he adds.

"Last year when I was out elk hunting, I didn't have much luck at first because the days were pretty warm. When the weather turned and we got some snow that moved the animals around a little bit, we were able to follow some tracks."

Matz and a friend will be taking a horse and a canvas tent into the wilderness. The trip should be worthwhile, he says, whether they bag an elk or not.

"If we are fortunate enough to come upon an animal we have the opportunity to take a shot at, that's all the better."

He'll be heading into the Lizard Head Wilderness in the San Juans in hopes of bagging an elk, but he says plenty of other spots around the state are just as promising.

Eric Mack, Public News Service - CO