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President Trump rattles the Middle East, saying the U.S. will recognize Israel’s authority over the Golan Heights. Also on our Friday rundown: A judge blocks laws limiting the power of the new Wisconsin governor. Plus, momentum builds across party lines to abolish the death penalty.

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Black Friday Shoppers To Get Unusual Greeting

November 27, 2009

LAS VEGAS, Nev. - Today's Black Friday shopping has a new twist: In addition to "door-buster" sales, holiday shoppers in Las Vegas will be greeted by health advocates, who say spending at a local store could work against health care reform.

Michael Ginsburg, community organizer with the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, says he and other health care reform advocates will be handing out flyers in front of Lucy, a clothing store in Town Square Mall. The flyers will inform shoppers that Eric Wiseman, who heads the store's parent company, VF Corp., is actively trying to kill the current health reform proposal, Ginsburg says.

"We are asking people to let VF Corp. know that Eric Wiseman should stop playing Grinch with our health care, and we're suggesting that by spending their dollars in his store, they may actually be working against their own best interests."

VF Corp. did not return calls Wednesday asking for the corporation's comments.

Eric Wiseman not only runs VF Corp., Ginsburg says, but also sits on the board of CIGNA, one of the nation's largest insurance companies.

"From CIGNA, in particular, Mr. Wiseman has received, while being on its board, an annual salary of about $400,000. And while he served on the board, they've spent $3 million to lobby against the current health care reform bill."

Members of the Health Care for America Now Campaign will be at malls across the nation today, letting shoppers know about other stores and brands connected to opponents of health care reform. More information about the issue is available at

Mike Clifford, Public News Service - NV