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Coronavirus updates from coast to coast; and safety-net programs face deep cuts by Trump administration.

2020Talks - February 28, 2020 

Tomorrow are the South Carolina primaries, and former VP Joe Biden leads in the poll, followed by winner of the first three contests, Sen. Bernie Sanders and businessman Tom Steyer. Some Republican South Carolinians may vote for Sanders because they want closed primaries.

"Child Neglect" is Redefined in OH House Bill

January 19, 2010

COLUMBUS, Ohio - "Abuse, neglect and dependency" are the current categories used by investigators in child protection cases in Ohio. All too often, however, the circumstances of those cases are not that black or white.

Greg Kapcar, assistant legislative director with the Public Children Services Association of Ohio, says new legislation would strengthen the law, revising the definitions to be clearer and more comprehensive, with greater focus on the needs of each child and his or her family.

"Current law can be overbroad or narrow or confusing; and, in some instances, it may lead to different handling of child protection cases around the state."

The "Child in Need of Protective Services" statute (HB 371) recommends seven categories of child protection cases. They are physical, sexual and emotional harm; harm from exposure to substance misuse; and the lack of necessary health care, legally required education, or necessary care or supervision.

Kapcar says House Bill 371 creates a civil child protection statute that is separate and distinct from criminal child protection codes, which he sees as a benefit.

"It removes this need to go back and forth to the Criminal Code for definitions, while leaving intact the Criminal Code that's there to hold people accountable for conduct that's harmful to a child."

While critics contend the bill could lead to a spike in foster-care placements, supporters say it would do the opposite by ensuring children get the help they need, without being placed in protective care unnecessarily.

The bill is sponsored by State Reps. Connie Pillich (D-Montomgery) and Robin Belcher (D-Cleveland).

Mary Kuhlman, Public News Service - OH